MyShop B.I.

 Measure to improve, grow and make more money from your business

MyShop provides Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics to help you manage and monitor your business from any where on the globe. You get reports on stock balances, sales, expenses and much more!

Amazing Features

An easy to use ' business tool'. Use MyShop to record sales transactions, book keeping, stocking, supply chain integration, customer rewards and marketing

Why MyShop?

Data Analytics is the new competitive advantage for business. In the future, even small businesses will be global. MyShop provides the data and intelligence that your business needs to succeed. It fits your 'on-the-go' modern lifstyle. It is designed to grow with your business without draining your bank.

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Why MyShop B.I. ?

Enables easier, faster, more accessible and cheaper operating tools providing improved productivity!

PoP it

POP it uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to transfer receipts, invoices and documents directly to a smart phone. It is fast, convenient and secure, unlike email and printers.

  • Reduces check out time
    • Zero receipt handover time

    • Faster than a printer

  • Reduces cost
    • Paperless

    • No printer costs (hardware and maintenance)

  • New marketing platform
    • Bundle offers, coupons, promotions with receipt

    • Embed links to your exciting products

  • PoP it Better than a printer!!

    • Integrates into your existing infrastructure

    • Easy to install maintenance free hardware

Pricing : MyShop B.I.

All features are included in the pricing


Windows 7, 8.1, 10


Annual cloud storage fee depending on shop size (Optional)


Per hour installation, minimum 2 hours onsite witin Guelp(Optional)

Pricing : PoP it

All features are included in the pricing


Per Unit

Download MyShop Companion App for your OS

Coming soon: iPhone version